Tess Brook Mediator Testimonials

A team in crisis.

For the team members, having the opportunity to work through the team issues with a conflict coach and being off-site was extremely beneficial and a critical element to improving relationships and delivering a focused, future orientated achievable plan.
The process did not take long before thinking and conversations stopped focusing on current problems and the history of how things happened over time. Most of the time was focused on future interactions and what was best to achieve for the team.

Queensland HealthVictoria Chalmers - Director Health Contact Centre Community and scientific Support health Support Services Department of Health, Queensland Government

Developing communication skills for the future.

Working with Tess Brook as a mediator has seen our staff learn new communications skills that they now carry in their managers every day tool kit.

Australia PostChris Wilson - Senior HR Business Partner

Design your own solution.

Tess was able to establish her credibility, as well as good rapport, with everyone involved in the mediation process. She acquired a relevant understanding of the business and conflict scenario quickly, to help mediation participants design their own preferred solution within a very unique environment. Her ability to pace with others to suit the context was commendable; I imagine that Tess could adapt her style to suit any group and help to ensure sustainable outcomes from her very considered processes.

On The CuspMegan Peach - Managing Director